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Soft Diamond casting materials - unlimited choices

Soft Diamond casting materials include polyurethane elastomer systems: MDIs, TDIs, esters and ethers. Our selection covers hardness scales from 50 Shore A to 75 Shore D.

Casting materials offer high tensile and tear strength combined with excellent abrasion and impact resistance. The casting material is elastic and restores its original shape quickly. It is also flexible in low temperatures and has excellent sound insulation properties.

Cast Soft Diamond has many applications such as different draw, glue or backing rolls, impellers and carry wheels, cyclones, responses and gears, and coatable bearings.

We also offer services such mold planning and manufacturing. Due to hydrostatic casting method molds are economical to manufacture.

Soft Diamond – bearing wheels

The expensive wheel frame has been replaced by casting the polyurethane directly on top of the bearing. The type of polyurethane can be chosen from Soft Diamond’s wide selection according to desired qualities such as friction, slide or load bearing.

The bearing functions as the frame and is always protected from both sides.

Soft Diamond’s bearing wheels are a cost-effective choice because they are frameless. The bearing wheel has good load bearing capabilities and the polyurethane does not scratch nor release color. Bearing wheels are also quiet, quick to replace and have high freeze resistance.

Certain chemicals and the maximum temperature of 100° C limit the use of bearing wheels. The load capacity of urethane is reliable only at the width of the bearing and exact dimensioning must be taken into consideration in manufacturing.