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Soft Diamond polyurethane protects difficult and demanding surfaces where even steel, the toughest paint nor rubber can endure.

The fast abrasion of structure, machinery, and machinery parts causes costs which should not be accepted as inevitable in industrial activity. Soft Diamond polyurethane offers a solution to problems caused by abrasion.

Soft Diamond’s abrasion resistance, toughness, impact resistance, tear strength and load bearing capacity are superior compared to old solutions. The coating reduces noise and protects from corrosion.

Soft Diamond can be used to coat all metals and several other materials quickly and cost-effectively. With Soft Diamond even complex objects can be protected on-site without disassembling structures or machinery.

What are polyurethanes?

There are different types of polyurethanes depending on the purpose for which they are used. Polyurethanes can be used for example in insulation, fillers, seals, paints, glues and structural parts.

Polyurethane can be manufactured into flexible or rigid foam, moldable rubber-like plastic, thermoplastic or elastomer.

Although PU elastomers are superior to other coating materials especially because of their mechanical properties, they are not suitable to be used in temperatures continuously over 100° C.

Elastomers endure water, humidity and temperatures of almost 100° C, but the combination of these may destroy the urethane. Also certain chemicals damage PU elastomers.