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Soft Diamond S90/90 - keep a tight rein on wear with spraying

S90/90 is a solvent free spraying system that combines all the excellent qualities of polyurethane elastomers.

Spraying enables complex parts to be coated without molds and the coating can be done on-site without structure disassembly.The fast spraying system reduces downtime and minimizes production losses.

Spraying offers, for instance, high tensile and tear strength, excellent abrasion resistance and low temperature flexibility. Other significant qualities include good fatigue resistance and sound insulation.

Applications for Soft Diamond include funnels, cyclones, screen meshes, pools, belts, pump chambers, pipeworks, vibration grinding bowls, mining machinery, etc.

Material S80/85 is used in parallel with Soft Diamond S90/90 and it can be sprayed in moist environments and even on moist surfaces. For example, the S80/85 coating is suitable for protecting concrete structures from moisture.