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Soft Diamond Oy

is based in Kankaanp√§√§, Finland. The basis of Soft Diamond business is to provide a customized solution to the customer’s problem.

Polyurethane products are used to overcome difficulties caused by abrasion and to minimize maintenance costs. Soft Diamond uses its own design to offer individual turnkey solutions. Polyurethane products are manufactured according to a documented quality system.


Our company is on summer holiday and fully closed during 8.7.-2.8.2024 (Weeks 28-31)


Soft Diamond polyurethane protects difficult and demanding surfaces where even steel, the toughest paint nor rubber can endure.


Spraying enables complex parts to be coated without molds and the coating can be done on-site without structure disassembly.



Casting materials offer high tensile and tear strength combined with excellent abrasion and impact resistance.